Train-the-Trainer Certification

Train your trainers to present the Iceberg Sales Model anytime you wish.

Corporate Certification

Let us train your trainers! Our client-focused approach will provide your company with the highest-impact train-the-trainer solution. Whether your trainers are new or have years of training experience, we can train your trainers to present the Iceberg Sales Model anytime you wish.

We recognize your in-house trainers are experts when it comes to understanding your organization, mission, culture and employees the best. Our focus is to provide a sales training that will be customized to your needs in order to deliver a high-impact, results-oriented sales training program.

How to become a Certified Trainer

  • Step 1 – Attend our Iceberg Sales Model Workshop
  • Step 2 – Study the Course Material
  • Step 3 – Work with our Master Trainer
  • Step 4 – Deliver the Iceberg Training to your Master Trainer

Please note: after your trainer achieves certification, your company must buy a workshop manual for each participant trained in the Iceberg Sales Model™.

Complete the form below to inquire about bringing the Iceberg Sales Model train-the-trainer program into your organization: